Boat Sewage Management in the Derwent

The DEP and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recommend that unless you can treat your wastewater on board, you should contain it on your vessel until it can be disposed of properly on land. Disposing of sewage at sea should be seen as a last resort, rather than the only option.

In the Derwent estuary use the free TasPorts pump-out facility at Kings Pier.

If you must dispose of sewage in the Derwent estuary, you can legally do so if you follow the rules for Small Boats (less than 16 people) or Large Boats (more than 16 people) that are outlined by the EPA in their Information for Boat Owners.

For more information, including maps of appropriate disposal locations for boat sewage in Tasmanian waters, read the EPA Directive on The Discharge of Sewage from Certain Vessels into State Waters

Water sports

Water sports such as small boat sailing, rowing, windsurfing, and water-skiing are also enjoyed at sites up and down the estuary.