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Expedition Class ‘Cirque to Sea’

Cirque to Sea

Expedition Class is partnering with the Bookend Trust and the Derwent Estuary Program to deliver it’s major expedition for 2016. ‘Cirque to Sea’ will explore Tasmania’s Derwent River from mountain top right down to the sea. Read more about the program at

Educational Resources produced by the Derwent Estuary Program

With support from the Australian Government's Caring for Our Country the DEP have developed a range of classroom and outdoor activities focused on key estuary habitats. This material is most suitable for primary school students, however some activities are designed for K – grade 10. The range of interpretive walks are also usable by anyone in the community with an interest in the natural environment, as they provide an opportunity to witness firsthand the unique world of estuaries. Many of the classroom activities require use of the DEP website to research and learn about the requirements of species, or the values of habitats, and threats they face. Classroom and outdoor activities have been developed in line with the Australian Curriculum and provide locally relevant facts and figures so students can gain a good understanding of the ecology and importance of natural habitats.

Other Resources for Teachers and Students

Activities for teachers

Activities for students

Publications - Derwent specific

Publications - Estuaries in general

Available from the Sustainable Living Tasmania library. Search their online catalogue.

  • Discovering Tasmania's Ramsar Wetlands
  • Living Water Literacy Kit - Living Rivers Levels 1 - 4 (Education Kit)
  • Restoring Wetlands and Waterways: A Guide to Action
  • Discover and learn about Australian wetlands and waterways (Education Kit)
  • Wow! The Wonders of Wetlands

Available from Clarence City Council:

  • Caring for ever changing dunes (brochure)
  • Plants for water friendly gardens (booklet)
  • Water conservation (education kit - primary students)


Restoring and promoting the Derwent estuary