Latest beach water quality results released

Blackmans Bay Beach

Blackmans Bay Beach

The 2024 long-term water quality ratings have been released for greater Hobart’s beaches and bays with 66% of sites improving their long-term water quality rating.

There are 38 beaches and bays tested each week between New Norfolk and Kingborough between December and March. Water samples are analysed for specific bacteria (enterococci) which indicate the presence of contaminants from stormwater run-off and other sources. Each site is classified as having Good, Fair or Poor water quality in accordance with state and national guidelines, based on five years of data.

Of 12 sites with new ratings, eight have seen their water quality rating lifted and one lowered, and two new sites were rated good, and one rated poor.

The good news is that water quality has improved at:

  • Howrah Beach (east)
  • Nutgrove Beach (east + west) and
  •  Taroona Beach.

All have moved from Fair to Good.

 Two newly rated sites at Bellerive Beach (east) and Blackmans Bay Beach (north) have received a Good rating. We also saw some results that indicate there is more work to do in managing water quality. The new site at Blackmans Bay south has revealed a Poor rating, and Kangaroo Bay has moved from being Good to Fair.

The news of ‘Poor’ water quality at the southern end of Blackmans Bay beach demonstrates the challenging and long-term nature of managing water quality. Council has been proactively looking into the reasons the water quality at Blackmans Bay south has declined by tracking contamination back up the catchment. Council will continue to work with partners including the Derwent Estuary Program and TasWater, to assess existing sewer and stormwater infrastructure in the community.

For details of the 2023 - 24 beach and bay water quality ratings, see the Report

Monday 1 July 2024