Meet Phillip, our Scientific Project Officer for stormwater

Phillip Pennisi with Hobart’s River Derwent in the background. Photo: Derwent Estuary Program.

Phillip Pennisi with Hobart’s River Derwent in the background.

Image: Derwent Estuary Program

We are delighted to introduce Phillip Pennisi to the DEP family this year as our Scientific Project Officer for stormwater.

While Phillip officially started in January, he was up every morning over Christmas to update the forecasts on the Beach Watch program. We are thrilled to have Phillip join us on our mission to understand, enhance and protect the estuary’s values.

Hi, I am Phillip, and I am the DEP’s new Scientific Project Officer for Stormwater.

I am a young water professional originally from country NSW and have lived in Tasmania for the last four years. During this time, I have continued my studies and worked with local communities in water science to understand the impacts water quality can have on our environment.

I’ve been involved with the Beach Watch forecasting trial since the start, which has been an exciting start to this new role.

The trial has been positively received by the community, particularly having access to daily information. We hope the success of the trial will be a step towards a permanent program to benefit all who enjoy the Derwent Estuary swimming beaches.

The opportunity to join the DEP permanently and expand my knowledge within the water industry is an honour. I’m looking forward to working with the team and our partners to share our scientific knowledge and experience for the restoration and promotion of the estuary.

I look forward to getting to know you all.

Phillip Pennisi

Wednesday 24 April 2024