Banded morwong

Banded morwong
Image: Peter Southwood
Community type

Reef fish

Habitat type

Rocky reefs, kelp beds and inter-tidal zone

Found in exposed rock reefs from the shallows to depths of 50 m, banded morwong grow up to 1m in length and may live for up to 90 years! Banded morwong are an attractive fish as they are white with a number of reddish-brown vertical bars across the flanks. The chin and belly are white and the fins are uniform reddish-brown or grey. Banded morwong are opportunistic feeders consuming both plant and animal material including algae, small crustaceans and marine worms. A social fish, they are often found in schools, but will hide in caves or cracks to avoid predators.

Much of the text within the species area of our website was written by Veronica Thorpe, as part of the Derwent River Wildlife Guide (2000).

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