Image: Derwent Estuary Program
Community type

Recreation, Succulent herbland

Habitat type

Rocky reefs, kelp beds and inter-tidal zone, Saltmarsh and tidal flats

Kayaking provides the best way to get close to reef animals without actually getting wet. Paddling on the water can be very peaceful, and on a calm day you can enter shallow waters and look down to the fish, seaweeds and sponges of reef communities. If you don’t have a kayak there are numerous options for hire. Why not arrange a kayak excursion for your high school science class?

Much of the text within the species area of our website was written by Veronica Thorpe, as part of the Derwent River Wildlife Guide (2000).

The DEP has developed a variety of classroom and outdoor activities focused around the key estuary habitats of tidal wetlands, salt marshes and rocky reefs. These include classroom materials, online resources, interpretive walks, games and sensory experiences.