Walking track in Sandy BayExplore the Derwent estuary foreshore on foot! The Derwent Estuary Program has recently published a map entitled Foreshore Walking Tracks Around the Derwent Estuary - map and directions. This publication presents 26 tracks where walkers can see wetlands, bushland, sea cliffs, beaches, parks and stunning views of Hobart. Many tracks also allow access for bikes, prams and wheelchairs.


To keep the map up-to-date with track upgrades and newly constructed routes by local councils, a southern region tracks website is being developed. This cooperative project between the DEP and our partners will provide a one-stop-shop for track maps, including a brief snapshot of each walk (length, difficulty, access points, facilities). The website will be online later in 2012.
To further underpin a foreshore tracks system, a visitors survey, a land ownership analysis and a strategy to facilitate track development and promotion were also completed. The long-term vision for this project is to provide a quality walking experience reflecting, imparting and conserving the unique values of the Derwent estuary.

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Restoring and promoting the Derwent estuary