Comings and goings

Ursula Taylor and Christine Coughanowr Photo: Derwent Estuary Program.

Ursula Taylor and Christine Coughanowr

Image: Derwent Estuary Program

Christine Coughanowr, who started and led the Derwent Estuary Program for 20 years is moving on! She leaves behind a nationally unique and successful program that involves scientists, industry, state and local government and the community that together improve the health of the Derwent estuary.

After an external recruitment process, Ursula Taylor was appointed as CEO. Ursula has been involved with the Derwent Estuary Program for 14 years in various roles and is enthusiastic about leading the program and continuing the amazing the partnership that has achieved so much.

In the immediate future Christine will take a long and well earned holiday before returning to Tasmania to focus on her passions including science and kayaking parts of Tasmania’s coast line.

We wish Christine every success and congratulate her on her successful career with the Derwent Estuary Program.

Sunday 20 May 2018