Rice grass

Rice grass
Image: Jürgen Howaldt

For many years the DEP and volunteers have conducted multi-day surveys along the middle estuary foreshore for rice grass, a perennial inter-tidal weed which has the potential to take over wetlands and mud flats. From an infestation of approximately two hectares in 1995, rice grass has now been systematically controlled to the point that no plants have been observed since 2016. In 2017, the DEP compiled all available information on previous surveys and control methods, and refined our survey and control methods. Despite the current success, DEP will continue to keep an eye out for this devastating wetland invader, what is plaguing many rivers and rivulets in northern Tasmania. 

2017 Rice grass Report

Much of the text within the species area of our website was written by Veronica Thorpe, as part of the Derwent River Wildlife Guide (2000).

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