Round leafed pigface and native pigface

Round leafed pigface and native pigface.
Image: JJ Harrison
Community type

Succulent herbland

Habitat type

Saltmarsh and tidal flats

Pigface are mat-forming herbs that occur on the drier edges of saltmarshes, often in association with glassworts and wilsonias. Pigface also occurs on sand dunes and cliffs. The flowers of native pigface are pink, and larger than those of the purple flowered round leafed pigface. The size and shape of the leaves also differ, with native pigface bearing green pointed three sided leaves, whereas round leafed pigface smaller purple sausage shaped leaves. Both bear edible fruit.

Much of the text within the species area of our website was written by Veronica Thorpe, as part of the Derwent River Wildlife Guide (2000).

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